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DEAR TEEN ME: What would you say to your teen self? It’s tougher to do than you think! Would you thank her? Lecture her? Laugh at her feeble attempt at mastering hip hop dancing? Well, I was given a chance to write to little high school Annameekee and here’s what I said to her! 

Gay YA: GayYA is an awesome site about, you guessed it, GayYA! Here’s a question/answer bit I did for them where you can learn more than you ever knew you wanted to know about Annameekee and the You Know Who Girls! Click me.

WRITE ALL THE WORDS: In honor of pride month, I wrote a little bloggy about my worst pride day EVER! Read it and laugh along with me as the day turns from great to horrifying and debilitating! Good times! Here it is! 

AUTHORS ARE ROCKSTARS: Am I rockstar?  I sure did feel like one when I chatted with Michelle and Allison for their podcast- Authors Are ROCKSTARS!  (And yes, I found a way to talk about mocha shakes!)

TRUE COLORS: True Colorz (an awesome LGBTQ book site!) asked me some pretty cool questions!  Check it out!

The Advocate with Jeremy Jordan King

Bold Strokes Books

Annameekee chats with Lee Wind, founder of I’m Here. I’m Queer. What the Hell Do I Read? 

Wondering what a super-tall young adult author wears on a book tour?  Find out here on Fashion and Histronics’ Blog!

The Capitol Hill Seattle Blog Interview!  What a treat to share my thoughts with my favorite neighborhood in all of Seattle!

Other Publications

It’s About Process, Not Product 

I Heart UC Davis!

Mentoring by the Numbers


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