Driving Lessons: Sophomore Year

Driving Lessons cover

Abbey Brooks has recovered from her end-of-freshman-year heartbreak and has vowed that this year, her sophomore year at Gila High, will be different in every way. Her to-do list: get her driver’s license, come out to her mom, get (and keep) a girlfriend, and survive another year of basketball. As always, though, nothing goes according to plan. Who will be there for her as her plans start to unravel? Who will bring her back to life after another round of heartache and betrayal? These remain a mystery–even to Abbey.

But one thing is for sure, she’s not confused about who she is. And that is going to make all the difference this time.

Praise for Driving Lessons:

Hesik jumps through hoops to give readers a series that is spontaneous like a pick-up game, resounding like a buzzer, and unrestricted like a free throw. The writing is jaunty and smooth, with the swish of a basket that’s nothing but net. Hesik spins her characters in a similarly satisfactory way: as mercurial teenagers who are b-ballistic one minute and winsome the next.

As The Beatles implored, “Don’t let me down,” and not only does Hesik shoot and score points with readers; she has a ball from tip-off to time-out.
– Allison Fradkin, Curve Magazine

“You haven’t blinked,” my daughter remarked, as I read Driving Lessons by Annameekee Hesik.

I responded, “I’ve been trying to take a break every chapter … and I just can’t.”

Relying only on insight is never enough for a successful YA read. It’s more about capturing that authentic teen voice that gives the genuine flavor to every thought and motivation that fuel the teen spirit. Hesik, as author, stays out of her characters’ angst and drama to deliver a fresh, funny, romantic, twisty ride. I cared about these people and their intersecting lives. Through the vivid descriptions and great pacing, I held my breath for the many collisions and consequences. And that driving-with-the-crew scene was a nail-biter, as well as laugh-out-loud funny. No one should try that … ever.
– Michelle Monkou for USA TODAY

Although I think anyone would enjoy this novel, one of the most valuable things “Driving Lessons” does is acknowledge that high school is difficult enough without the added pressure of being lesbian. “Driving Lessons” helps show that such readers are not the only ones in that situation, and that it is possible to find friends–even parents–who will love and support you no matter what.
— Booksandmoviesandstuff.com