Five Random Things I Think Are AWESOME!!

First of all, Hello. I hope you are well. And thanks for visiting El Blog de Annameekee.

That’s me! Annameekee!!

Second of all, why is it that things full of beauty are called “beautiful”, and things full of wonder are called “wonderful”, but things full of awe are NOT called “aweful”? Instead, we called it awesome…as if, only SOME of it is full of awe.  English. Pshh. Stupid.  (Please, please do not spend any time researching this rhetorical question and then telling me the answer. I prefer to just be angry with English sometimes. We have a complicated relationship, and I like it that way. Thanks.)

Third of all, I bought a book today (on a total whim!) called, The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha.  It was nestled on a display counter at my local bookstore (Shout out to Bookshop Santa Cruz!) with a bunch of self-help books about being happy and crap like that, and who doesn’t want to be happy?  I picked it up because it was pretty and on sale for six bucks.  Inside are vignettes about awesome things. Some I totes agree with (Getting off an airplane) and others I’m like, meh (a blast of air conditioning when it’s hot).  But it got me thinking. What do I think are awesome things?  So, without further ado, here are five random, not very well-thought out things I think are totally AWE-FUL!!  In other words, awesome.

1. Homemade Cookie Dough:  There is only one reason I make cookies- to eat the dough.  Now let’s get one thing straight (it will be the only straight thing in this blog): I HATE COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM! Blech. Get that stuff out of my face.  However, I LOVE to eat homemade cookie dough. First, it’s all about the licking of the beaters.  Oh, glory hallelujah.  I try not to do this in front of others because me and those beaters, well, we get pretty intimate and half of it ends up on my face.  After those are all cleaned up, I stir in the chocolate chips.  Not your ordinary Nestle’s, oh no.  These babies are Double Chocolate (super big) Dark Ghirardelli chips.  I will eat at least three spoonfuls of the mix and chips. Once the cookies are done, I give them all away. You’re welcome!

It runs in the family: This is me and my niece, Kat, doing some clean up on those beaters.

Some of my fav batters are pumpkin chocolate chip, oatmeal, regular chocolate chip, brownies, and even zucchini chocolate chip.  I have also been known to lick the cupcake batter bowl clean. I’ve never gotten sick. I have the stomach of a teacher. Nothing gets me down!

Yes, I just had cookie dough tonight, which is why I wrote about it. Look out neighbors, cookies coming your way!!


2. Hummingbirds:  We have a salvia bush in front of our picture window, and those little buggers just can’t get enough of it!  All day long, they zoom here and there, to this flower and that flower.  They also love the sage brush  and bottle brush tree.  On days when I am really spacing out and staring out the window for long periods of time, I catch the birds resting on the telephone wire, but then zooooooom, they are off!  They like to dive bomb me in the backyard, too. I don’t take it personally, though. I mean, they are tiny and I am enormous, so I can understand why I may seem like an enemy.  One hummingbird is called “Anna’s Hummingbird” so of course I like her the most!

This is an Anna’s Hummingbird next to a salvia. If I had a camera that actually worked, this is what I would take a picture of out of my front window. The blue sky is totally accurate, too. The weather in Santa Cruz has been crazy good.

Hmm, this picture doesn’t really capture their unique beauty. I mean, I guess what I think is so awesome about them is their speed and flutter-tastic nature.  I want to be like them, especially when I am feeling like a lazy blob of a human, spacing out on my couch and staring out the window.






3. Students who March for Equality:  I really, really think young people who stand up for equality are awesome.  A few years ago, when CA wanted to ban gay marriage (again?), my GSA students made signs and headed for the Prunedale Shopping Center to tell the world (well, the Prunedalians) that they needed to Vote No on 8! It was pouring rain, it was cold, and Prunedale is not one of the most liberal cities you’ll visit in CA. Far from it!!  Yet, there those students were!  “Love your local lesbian!” was one of my favorite signs.  Unfortunately, Prop 8 passed and gay marriage was banned.  Did that stop em?  Heck no! These AWESOME kids marched right down to the city hall and protested there, too!!

Just another proud day for Mama Hesik. Oh man, these kids make me so proud still!!

They are brave and bold and so incredible!  I am honored to know them and feel SO lucky to be a part of their lives.  What’s even more awesome is that so many of you young people are out and proud and marching as allies for your friends and family!  Thank you for screaming at the top of your lungs, making signs, and marching in the cold and hot days of inequality. Your work is paying off!  Look at us now!  Four states have legalized gay marriage in our last election.  Watch out now!!



4. Musicals: I just sit there the whole time with my mouth open, thinking, “Wow…this is so awesome!”

We hit Sac Town and saw Avenue Q! It was incredible!

We fund raised like CRAZY to go! It was awesome, but totally awkward when the puppet sex scene unfolded in front of Ms. Hesik’s eyes.  HA!  Well, their parents all signed off on it! What are you gonna do?

Seeing Les Mis was wonderful!!  At first my seat was totally sucky because some GIANT headed man sat right in front of me.  But after the intermission, we scooted over and, ahhh…all better.  We were both crying at the end and shared a hanky that I brought along just in case.

Yes, my kind of show!

I’m always packing things in my purse, just in case.  The show’s usual Jean Valjean was sick or something, so there was an understudy.  Well, jiminy cricket, if that was the understudy….AMAZEBALLS!!!  I can’t wait to see Book of Mormon, but if the roof, pets, and bills have anything to say about it, I’ll be waiting a tad bit longer for that one.





5. Pancakes from Silver Spur, Santa Cruz, CA:I can’t explain it. It’s like eating cake

The Pancake Masterpiece…posted with love

from a pan, people! For breakfast!!!  I have sent dozens upon dozens of pics of these pancakes to my BFF/Webmaster, Caseymeekee.  I eat them into the shape of a C, take a pic, send the pic to her, and then polish them off. I don’t know why I do this. I guess because I like the middle of the cake the most and I enjoy showing my “C” to her.  If she loves me, she will read this post and upload one or five of the pics I have sent her. I can’t do it because I don’t have a smart phone…don’t judge me.

There are tons of awesome things (making babies laugh, kittens, sunsets, thinking you lost your wallet but you didn’t) and I will post more later, but that’s it for now because some other things I think are awesome are SEQUELS!  Which is why I need to go work on mine: The You Know Who Girls: Soph Year!!  Weeeeeee!!!!  I wonder what Abbey’s post about awesome things would include…hmmm….

Happy Post-Thanksgiving to you!!


P.S. What do you think is awesome?


2 thoughts on “Five Random Things I Think Are AWESOME!!

  1. Ms. Hesik, I think you are awesome :) but if I have to choose other things, I would have to go with waking up to my dog sticking his nose in my face (in a cute way) and solving rubik’s cubes.

    I promise I’m not stalking you by the way… at least not much…

    -A student from your favorite class (we are you favorite right?)

    1. Oh- I too love doggie faces and noses!I’m terrible at the rubric’s cube though. You have no idea how thrilled I am to get your comment!! Stalk away!

      Yes, for sure my favorite class! (Don’t tell the others!)

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