Today’s Top 3 Worst Spam Comments!


I emailed my webmaster/bff yesterday.  I wrote, “Dear Caseymeekee.” (I know what you are thinking, what are the chances of Annameekee being friends with Caseymeekee.  Ha. Not good. This is a special made-up name and if you like, you can add “meekee” to your name, as well.  However, I cannot be sure you and I will be bffs like Caseymeekee and I are. – longest parenthetical interruption ever!!!)  Anyway, I was like, “Dear Caseymeekee, I think the comment function on my blog is broken.  I only get spam comments.  There must be something wrong, yes? Hugs, Annameekee!”

Well, she investigated.  And here’s the comment she wrote me…using the comment function on my blog: “Obviously it’s workin cause your friend, Jef, commented. Why are you going bananas? Spammers are normal. Ask the people you know why they aren’t commenting.”

Sigh.  She is right- I am a good bff.  But, more importantly, maybe my good friend Jef is right, too.  Maybe to get more people to comment and read my blog, I should, I don’t know, write new blogs.  Well, Jef says jump and I jump!!  Here you go, Jef!  A blog just for you!!!

TOP THREE WORST SPAM COMMENTS FROM TODAY: I was going to do 5 but the wife took the special three-prong pluggie thing from the office and now my battery is dying and I can’t charge it, so you only get three.  Blame her (in your comments!)

3. excellent, Bob. grab a cold one as my way of saying cornagts . here’s to many more years of B&R, enlightening discussion, boneheads and other things of the day, and a general increase in fan base. what has it felt like to still be creating an amazing legacy?

My response: Bob must be pretty fracking amazing. I mean all those years of B & Ring and he’s still increasing his fan base!  I should take some tips from Bob. I bet he gets tons o’ comments! Cornagts, Bob!!

2. Thnx for the deal with! But yeah Thnkx for spending the time to debate this, I really feel strongly about it and love reading extra on this topic. If potential, as you turn into experience, would you mind updating your blog with more details? It’s extremely useful for me. Large thumb up for this weblog put up!

My response: If potential, I just might turn into experience if you ask me nicely!! Details?  Great idea!  Here are a few: I HATE SPAM COMMENTS ON MY BLOG MORE THAN I HATE THE FOLLOWING THINGS: cold showers, razor burn, eggplant, cold tomatoes, hot beverages, people who litter, ticks, seeing a cop and knowing he’s gonna pull me over, stupid blog comments that don’t make sense.  And finally, a large thumb up yours for your comment!

1. I can’t wait for the finale! I’m team Sean too.. But if Jef got a hair cut I could join his side. Woah! Kenny is gnteitg old! Mark will be 25 in just a few weeks!

My response: Team Sean?  I am wracking the ol’ noggin over here and can only come up with Sean Hayes from Will and Grace.  In that case, “Yes, me, too!”  Then it gets pretty personal and mentions before-mentioned friend, Jef.  Now, I have spent time with Jef.  If there is one thing I know for sure is that Jef has a sharp looking head of hair. SO LAY OFF!!!  Yes, Kenny is getting old, but aren’t we all. I mean, who are we to judge? Maybe he and Mark can hook up and join Team Sean, too!  That sounds like a great time.  Jefmeekee will stay out of it since his haircut has ruined everything, okay, you snob?

There- top three…though I had five. :(  I have ten minutes left on the battery.  That’s a trick though.  My laptop lies.  I really only have 30 seconds and then BLIP…dead.  So, adios my friends.  I hope to read SOME REAL COMMENTS FROM YOU REALLY SOON! :)

Love and Hugs and Rainbows and Sprinkled Doughnuts! Annameekee

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Today’s Top 3 Worst Spam Comments!

  1. It’s interesting how I and my hair are now starring in the SPAM comments on your blog. I am, however, intrigued by this “large thumb up.”

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